About Us


A Family Friendly Caravan Club

For every family, taking time out from daily life to enjoy a short break or holiday together is an important part of building and nurturing the close relationships that are essential to a happy family life. This may be as simple as a weekend away.   

We go away once a month to places within roughly a 2 hour drive of Brisbane. They are mostly low cost and destinations include show grounds and caravan parks. 

Some of our recent rally locations include Cottontree Caravan Park, Rathdowney, Boonah, Casino (over Easter), Nambour, Esk, Stanthorpe, Murphy’s Creek, Gold Coast Caravan Park, Beaudesert, Pomona and Caboolture just to name a few.  In summer, we generally head to place with water like Moogerah Dam and Lake Dyer.

Our kids range in age from 1 to 18 with parents from mid 20's to mid 50's, so there's a broad cross section of adults and kids in all ages. We are very laid back and don't have a schedule like many of the traditional clubs. 

Because most of us work we are happy to kick back and relax and chat, of course, always monitoring what's happening with the children. The kids love to take their bikes/scooters (helmets are compulsory) and go exploring or just hang around camp, kick a footy or play with their mates.  You don't find many kids needing the entertainment of anything electronic at the rallies - our "Events Co-ordinator" always has something planned for the children to do.

Evening cook-ups in camp ovens are common amongst the members or we have shared dinners where each member brings a main dish or dessert to the table to share. 

Venues that we stay at have toilets, hot showers and power available.  We have vans and camper trailers ranging in size from 10’ to 24’, some old, some new and our venues are accessible by normal family sedans. 

Our families are spread all over the Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine coast areas. We try and schedule our rallies to accommodate travelling time for all and we spread them across all parts of the greater Brisbane area.   Rallies run Friday through to Sunday.